The New Old School

It has finally happened to those younger people that used to call me an “Old G” they are now being referred to as an “Old G”.  I often received that label because of my musical preferences and age.  Now those same people that were 30 ten years ago have begun to creep into the lexicon of life called “living and reflecting”, and swearing that somehow when they were younger everything was better than what the youngsters are experiencing today.  Yeah, I remember when I was 18 and Funk music had emerged hitting the airwaves hard and heavy like Rap and Hip Hop music of today.  Bands like Parliament, Con Funk Shun, Bar Kays, and Cameo ruled the music scene and the attention of the youth.  I would kind of chuckle when the “Old G’s” during that era would talk about the Impressions, Four Tops, Temptations, Bobby Blue Bland, and others.  They probably laughed to themselves realizing that I too would become an “Old G” one day.  Below is a list of identifiers of the New Old School Folks.

You Know You Are A Part Of The “New Old School” if:

  • If you were in the 6th grade in 1986 when the Jeri Curl was the biggest hair fashion, and Full Force Band was the band everyone partied to
  • If you ever owned or wanted a Michael Jackson ‘Beat it Jacket’ in the 1980.
  • If you purchased fresh off the shelf Run DMC, KRS1, Public Enemy, Beastie Boys, and Eric B. & Rakim albums.
  • If you purchased your albums from Sound Warehouse and similar record stores.
  • If you had a turntable to play your albums on.
  • If you owned an 8 track and or a cassette player.
  • If you tuned in to Soul Train every Saturday.
  • If you owned or wanted a Buick Regal

Just a reminder of who you were, and who you have become my “Old G’s”!