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SoulTree Collective | Twelve years as a Band

Soultree Collective Band Application

The Soultree Collective (STC) is a nonprofit youth program designed in support of the Urban Music Festival. The STC youth band project was established to help amateur vocalists and musicians to develop and sharpen their skills while also learning the fundamentals associated with the R&B music genre! Join the R&B bands of the future! Austin, Texas

General Info
  • Are you between the ages of 10yrs to 21yrs old?

IMPORTANT NOTE: individual participants under the age of 18yrs old are required to establish consent, as a part of their acceptance into the STC program.

A consent form will need to approved by a parent or guardian authorizing the applicant to participate in the SoulTree Collective youth band project.

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Contact Information
Talent Information
  • What is your musical talent?
  • As a musician do you read music or play by ear?
    ReadBy EarBoth
  • As a vocalist have you taken voice lessons?